Disney Park Hopper Tickets Benefits


Many visitors to Walt Disney World contemplate whether to choose the Disney Park Hopper Ticket option or not and here are a few things to consider that may help your decision. The additional Park Hopper option will cost more to the ticket price depending on your park destination and days visiting. (Single Day adult at Magic Kingdom = $99, but with Park Hopper = $134). So weigh your options as the cost increases dramatically.  NEW for 2015 are Park Hopper price variations depending on Theme Park and Number of Days!

Park Hopper Considerations:

1) How many days do you plan to spend at the parks? This may sway your decision because if you don’t have very many days and want to see more than one park on a given day, then the Park Hopper option is very nice. Also, some parks are open longer than others and if you want to maximize your day, you may want to visit another park earlier or later in the day to extend the hours.
2) Are you a new visitor or a veteran? If this is your first time at Disney, there is so much to see that you may want to spend the entire day at one park. However, if you have been many times and you want to hit up a few favorites in each park, the park hopper will allow you to do that.
3) Which days of the week will you be visiting? Some of the parks have specific parades or shows on only certain days of the week. For instance, the Electrical Parade at Magic Kingdom and Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios usually only show a few times a week, so you may not want to spend the entire day at one of these parks but be able to see some of these amazing events, a Park Hopper ticket will allow you to be more flexible with your plans.

Here are the 2015 Disney Park Hopper Ticket Prices versus 2014 for you to easily compare.  You can see that the Disney Hopper Options for 2015 have changed as it is $35 additional with a 1-day Magic Kingdom ticket, $40 additional for a 1-day EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios ticket, and $49 additional per ticket for 2-10 day passes to add the Hopper option.  Disney has made this much more appealing for a multi-day passes.